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Delve into real-world success stories with our compelling Case Studies. Explore how businesses and individuals overcame challenges, implemented innovative strategies, and achieved remarkable results. These practical examples provide valuable insights and actionable takeaways to inspire and empower your own ventures.

Fitness/weight loss e-commerce Brand case study: from $16k/month To $364k/month in 90 days with 3.26 Roas

The Problem: This fashion brand was stuck at $16K/month and it couldn’t scale. Every time they increase the campaign budget, they would get ad fatigue, and that resulted in a CPA increase and ROAS decrease. The brand also wasn’t prepared to initiate a campaign. Thorough competitive research, audience research, determining personas, different copy, and creative angles weren’t completed.

The Solution: I was able to use testing techniques RFT and initially focus on decreasing the CPA from $12 to $5.5-$6 and that led to a ROAS increase – > more profitability and exponential scale as you can see on the screenshot below.

Beauty E-commerce Brand Case Study: From $0 To $108k/month In 6 Month With 4.73 Roas

The Solution: Apart from preparing camps and creatives in advance and testing products and offers 1. I spend 30% of the whole budget on prospecting.

The goal is to build audiences that are as broad as possible. For this reason, I created all kinds of 180-day period Custom Audiences so I had a large pool of users available.

Instead of duplicating the best-performing ad sets once, I duplicate them 5 times, segmenting each one by age. I also increased the budget multiple times throughout the day.

Scaling Exponentially A Fashion Brand Case Study: From $0 To $769k/month In 15 Months

The Solution: Excluding that you need to have really premium and ultra fashion products in terms of social ads this is all about making sure you have enough working audiences to achieve consistency. Here’s how:

We created 1 campaign consisting of 9 different ad sets. Each ad set will hit a different Audience based on LLAs and Interests. Then, each ad set will have the same 4 ads with 4 different creatives: Video, Image, Carousel, and Collection Ads.

We set a minimum budget of $100 per day and would let it run for 3 days and then kill the ones that underperformed. Breaking even was the goal here!

In the scaling phase, it was all about scaling all well-performed ads using various tactics.

Retargeting: This is where most of our revenue was made. It’s about retargeting all the hot audiences (ATCs, Initiate Checkout, View Content, etc.) and pushing discounts to close the sale.

Digital Education Business: From $200k/month To $4.5m/month In 7 Months

Teri and her coaching business were very famous and proven, but her sales were coming only from organic traffic (Facebook group and podcast) and word of mouth. Here we have 2 high-ticket courses, one at $2,500 and another at $5,000.

In 5 months using YouTube ads, Facebook/Instagram ads, I was able to scale her courses (digital products) from a bit over $200k/month to $1M+/month as in November 2021 we made over $4.5M.

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